Islam: The Religion of the Prophets

Dar ul Fatwa strives to implement the teachings of Islam as per the guidance of the Qur’an and as practiced by Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jama^ah, those who adhere to the methodology of Prophet Muhammad, sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam.

Islam: The True Religion

Everything that exists, except Allah the Creator, is created by Him.  Allah has full power over every bit of His creation.  Allah is not created; He existed always, having His attributes.  Allah will never perish, nor will His attributes diminish.  Among His attributes is that He has knowledge of all His creation, that He sees the seeable things and that He hears the hearable things, and His knowing, seeing and hearing are in no way similar to ours. 

The Thirteen Attributes of Allah Every Accountable Person Must Know

It was the norm of the later scholars who authored works in the Creed to say that the personal obligation on every accountable person (meaning the pubescent, sane person) is to know the Thirteen Attributes among the Attributes of Allah:  Existence, Eternality, Dissimilarity to the creation, Oneness, non-neediness of others, Everlastingness, Power, Will, Life, Knowledge, Speech, Hearing, and Sight; and whatever negates these Attributes is impossible to ascribe to Allah.

The Creator of Everything Does Not Resemble the Creations

All praise and thanks is due to Allàh, the Lord of the universe. We ask Allàh to raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him), and to protect his nation from that which the Prophet himself fears for it. May Allàh grant us sincere intentions and proper comprehension and make us among those who acquire the correct knowledge. . .

Al- Fiqh Al-Akbar

  The basis of Tawhid[1] and what constitutes a valid belief is for one to say I believe in Allah, His Angels, His Books, His Messengers, Resurrection after death, Destiny[2] both good and evil and that it is created by Allah, the Settlement of Accounts on the Day of Judgment, the Balance, Paradise and Hellfire. All are true matters.

قَالُ الشيخُ أَحْمَدُ الرِّفَاعِيُّ غَايةُ الْمَعْرِفَةِ باللهِ الإِيْقَانُ بِوُجُودِهِ تعالَى بلا كَيْفٍ ولا مَكَانٍ

The Ultimate knowledge about Allah is to absolutely have a firm belief that Allah exists without a manner of being and without a place.

Imam Ahmad Ar-Rifa^I said:

قَالُ الشيخُ أَحْمَدُ الرِّفَاعِيُّ “غَايةُ الْمَعْرِفَةِ باللهِ الإِيْقَانُ بِوُجُودِهِ تعالَى بلا كَيْفٍ ولا مَكَانٍ

The Ultimate knowledge about Allah is to absolutely have a firm belief that Allah exists without a manner of being and without a place.

This means that knowing about Allah is to have the firm conviction that Allah is not a thin body like air and soul and wind and is not a dense body like human beings and stones and trees. He is not a small body like a mustard seed nor a large body like Al-^arsh (the ceiling of Paradise) nor a body in between. Rather the created things are attributed with big and small bodies whether thin or dense.

The largest of all creations is Al-^arsh and it is the Ka^bah for the angels around Al ^arsh to circumambulate similar to the Ka^bah on earth for us to circumambulate.

Ignorance is Not an Excuse

Prophet محمّد ﷺ said:

‎”إنَّ العبدَ لَيَتكلم بالكلمة لا يرى بها بأسًا يهوي بها في النار سبعين خريفًا”

رواه الترمذي

It means:

“A person might utter a word that he thinks harmless, which results in his falling the depth of seventy years into hellfire.”

▪️This falling distance of seventy years leads to the bottom of Hellfire where only blasphemers (non-Muslims) will reside. The Muslims who committed enormous sins and died without repentance and those whom Allah does not forgive, will not reach the bottom of hellfire that is falling the depth of seventy years.

▪️This hadith is evidence that it is not a condition for a person to fall into blasphemy that he must have learned the judgement of the uttered blasphemous words or that he must have liked or believed their meaning

Among the blasphemous kufur statement is for one to cuss Allah, any of the Prophets or an angel or to belittle the Religion of Islam. Some people when they are angry they cuss Allah or a Prophet or an angel. This is blasphemy kufur. They would have to utter the two Testifications of Faith to return to Islam.

The Forty Nawawi Hadiths: The 34th Hadith

From the route of Abu Sa^id al-Khudriyy, may Allah accept his deeds, who said: I heard the messenger of Allah, sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam, say: <<The one of you who sees an unlawful matter is obligated to change it with his hands, and if unable then with his tongue, and if unable then he is obligated to denounce it in his heart, which is the least that he can do.>> — Narrated by Muslim.

عَنْ  أَبِي سَعِيدٍ الْخُدْرِيِّ رَضِيَ اللَّهُ عَنْهُ قَالَ سَمِعْتُ رَسُولَ ﷺ اللَّهِ يَقُولُ: ((مَنْ رَأَى مِنْكُمْ مُنْكَرًا فَلْيُغَيِّرْهُ بِيَدِهِ، فَإِنْ لَمْ يَسْتَطِعْ فَبِلِسَانِهِ، فَإِنْ لَمْ يَسْتَطِعْ فَبِقَلْبِهِ وَذَلِكَ أَضْعَفُ الإِيمَانِ)).

الحديث الرابع والثلاثون
رَوَاهُ مُسْلِمٌ

Sadiqah: Mamus Suyootiyy said:

When Muslims in whatever house, mosque or neighborhood recite the Prophet’s Mawlid the angels surround this place, Allah showers them with mercy and the angels make du`aa’ for them to have graciousness. Whatever Muslim has the Prophet’s Mawlid recited at his place Allah lifts off the drought, epidemic, fire, illnesses, calamities, catastrophes,  hatred, envy, ill-eye and thieves away from the house’ inhabitants. When one dies Allah ease on him replying to Munkar and Nakir. That person will be given a place in Paradise the abode where one is rewarded by Allah’s generosity, endowments and everlasting enjoyments; He is Owner and Creator of all things and the One Who destined them as He willed. The person had this great bestowal because he/she has shown the love and pleasure for our master Muhammad, sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam. (alWassa’il fi Sharhil Shamaa’il)

ما من بيت أو مسجد أو محلة قرئ فيه مولد الرسول إلا حفت الملائكة بذلك المكان وعمهم الله بالرحمة والملائكة يدعون لهم بالخير وما من مسلم قرئ في بيته مولد النبي إلا رفع الله القحط والوباء والحرق والآفات والبليات والنكبات والبغض والحسد وعين السوء واللصوص عن أهل ذلك البيت فإذا مات هون الله عليه جواب منكر ونكير وكان في مقعد صدق عند مليك مقتدر لأنه يظهر الحب والفرح لسيدنا محمد ﷺ

This is an invitation for you, the people of goodness, to recite the Mawlid of our beloved Muhammad sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam in your houses, mosques, neighborhoods so that you will be overwhelmed with the enormous goodness.