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He, the Exalted, is unlike i.e., does not resemble any of the creations in the Self )Dhat_, meaning His Self does not resemble the selves of creations; Attributes, meaning His Attributes do not resemble the attributes of the creations; and Actsو meaning His Acts do not resemble the acts of the creations. The Act of Allah is eternal and everlasting, whereas the act of the creation is created. Allah ta^ala said in Surat an-Nahl verse #60:

﴿ولله المثل الأعلى﴾ سورة النحل

The verse means: [Allah is attributed with the perfect attributes that are not similar to the attributes of others.]

Imam Abu Hanifah and al-Bukhariyy, may Allah have mercy upon them, said: “His Act (i.e., Allah’s Action) is an eternal attribute of His (Self), and the act of the creation is a creation.”

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