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One must believe that Allah is the only One Who is Eternal (Qadim). Allah is the only One Whose Existence is without a beginning, and everything else is a creation. Every creation that exists, be it among entities or deeds, from the fine dust to the Ceiling of Paradise (^Arsh), and every movement, rest, intention and thought of the slaves are created by Allah. Hence, no one other than Allah – be it nature or ‘^illah’ (cause) – creates anything. Things become existent by Allah’s Eternal Will, Power and Knowledge as mentioned in al-Qur’an in Surat al-Furqan verse # 2:

﴿وخلق كل شيء﴾ سورة الفرقان

 The verse means: [He brought all the creation from the state of non-existence into the state of existence.] 

Imam an-Nasafiyy said: “If a person hit a glass with a stone and broke it, then the acts of hitting, breaking, and the state of brokenness were created by Allah.”

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